About Us

About Us

Sterling Scale was established in 1961 and started manufacturing scales in 1968. Presently we have our manufacturing and service plant in Southfield, Michigan.

We manufacture a complete line of electronic scales from truck scales to scales weighing fractions of a gram. Our Technical Support Group is available for customer design and unusual scale applications.
Sterling Scale designs scales, which are easy to use, rugged, and reliable to satisfy the hi-tech industrial requirements demanded of today’s complex end user.

Some of Sterling Scale “1st”...

  • Developed user-friendly parts counting and weighing console system in 1974
  • Design of “Ball Mounted” floating platform scales on strain gauge load cells to reduce damage from impact loading and to provide accurate weighing on out of level floors in 1976
  • Introduction of self-contained weigh pads, which are used to convert wrapping machines, conveyors, hoppers, etc. into weighing devices without using conventional bulky platforms in 1982
  • Strain gauge load cells from 5K to 25K capacities, with built-in ball mount assembly to provide very low profile load cells to replace canister load cells.  Canisters are more subject to severe damage from angular loading in 1986
  • Development of a platform vehicle scale system used in the automotive industry for very high resolution weighing in 1987
  • Development of parts counting system for special bar code 38 label printing at factory receiving and shipping areas with special software for all automotive specifications in the U.S.A. and Canada.  No dedicated PC required in 1987

We take great pride in our “Made in America” equipment.