Equipment and Industrial Scale Rental

Industrial Scale Rental

Sometimes buying new equipment may not be the best option. If you find yourself in need of an industrial scale while other equipment is being repaired or just to help you get through a busy period, we offer industrial scale rental services to help you keep operations running.

Rental Period:
Minimum rental period (including transport time) is 3 days.

Deliver, Installation and Pick-up:
The cost of our delivery, installation and pick-up is based on the type and quantity of equipment and the distance of your site from our Southfield plant.  Our price quote will include an itemization of these costs.  We require that equipment needed to offload and position the equipment at your site be entirely your responsibility unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

You may choose to pick up, set up and return the rental equipment yourself provided you accept full responsibility for its safety during transit and its performance while on-site.

Free 24 hour Service Hotline:
Sterling provides a free, 24-hour telephone hotline throughout your rental period.  Just call our hotline number and our trained service technician will promptly call you back with answers to any questions you might have regarding the operation of rental equipment.  

On Site Service During the Rental Period:
We can produce on-site assistance to solve problems related to the operation and use of the equipment you rent.  If your problem is a direct result of a malfunction of our equipment, this service is offered free of charge.  Our standard mileage and labor rates will otherwise apply.  (Note: After-hours service is 1.5 times our standard rate and weekend service is 2 times our standard rate).

Standby and Premium Service:
For critical applications, we can provide on-site standby service to assist with initial training and related problems or questions that might arise.  This service, which is available in minimum increments of 4 hours, is quoted separately from rental equipment and includes hourly rates plus truck charge.

Equipment Damage:
All rental scales and equipment must be returned in as-rented condition.  Without exception, you are responsible for the charges to repair the equipment of all damage incurred while it is in your possession.

Standard Terms:
Payment for the rental period is due in full at the time of rental.  Most major credit cards are accepted.

Commercial Terms:
If you have an established 30-day commercial account in good standing with us, we require only an authorized company purchase order covering all rental costs.

Extensions of the Rental Period:
You must notify Sterling one day prior to the end of the original rental period if additional rental time will be needed.  Additional payment, consistent with the original terms of your rental contract, must be made or authorized in writing at that timing.

Available Rental Equipment:

  • 825 Single Scale Counter
  • 825 w/100 lb. 14” x 16” Remote Platform
  • 825 w/1K, 5K or 10K, 4’ x 5’ Remote Platform
  • 825 w/20K, 5’ x 7’ x 6.25” Remote Platform
  • 810 w/100 lb., 14” x 16” Remote Platform
  • 810 w/1K, 5K or 10K, 4’ x 5’ Remote Platform
  • 290 Ticket Printer
  • 100 Lb., 14” x 16” Platform
  • 10K, 4’ x 5’ Platform
  • 2 Lb. x .0002 Lb. for Small Parts


  1. If you don’t see the industrial weighing equipment you need please call us with your application information.  We’ll be happy to assist you in any way practical to fill your need.
  2. We also offer weighing equipment on economical lease-to-purchase option. Please call us for more information.