Weigh Modules or M-Pads

Weigh Modules or M-Pads

Make your conveyor system run smoothly with Sterling Scale’s M-Pad Weigh Modules and Conveyor Weighing Pad. Easily turn your conveyor into a reliable weigh system suitable indoors and out.

Weigh Modules

Weight Modules

The Series “M-Pad” Weigh Modules is designed to be installed under the legs of a tank or conveyor.  Modules are supplied in pairs and come complete with summing box.  Each module has 10’ of load cell cable connected to the summing box and 30’ of cable on the summing box to indicator.  Four, two per module, shear beam load cells are used.  In capacities over 10,000 lb. center loaded shear beam cells are used.

Conveyor WeighingConveyor Weighing

Turn your conveyor into an accurate, durable scale simply by bolting a weigh pad under each end.  The weigh pads are anchored firmly to the floor (or foundation if outdoors) to insure a solid, trouble free installation.  A summing box is provided to interface with a digital weight indicator, which can be supplied with the weigh pads as a complete, factory calibrated, weighing system.

Field Calibration

For systems with capacities in excess of 1000 lbs, an on-site field calibration is necessary.

Typical Applications

  • Air Cargo Terminals
  • Heavy machinery manufacturing
  • Steel warehouses
  • Chemical plants
  • Industrial processing