Sterling Scale’s label printers, tape printers, and ticket printers are fast, reliable, and easy to use. They also provide two remote display options that vary in height and can be easily seen indoors as well as outdoors.

LD2 Label Printer

LD2 Label Printer

The Series LD2 Label Printer is an efficient, reliable and economical label printer that prints sprocket type rolls for sturdy thermal transfer printing. The LD2 offers either 2.25” x 1.25” or 2.25” x 4.00” label rolls and a 5’ printer cable is included.

295 Tape

Model 295 Tape Printer

The Model 295 Tape is the epitome of simple, fast and efficient tape printers. This model will print up to 40 columns and uses a 3” wide paper roll, either single or double NCR paper. The 295 printers do have a 5’ printer cable included.

Model 290 Ticket Printer

Model 290 Ticket Printer

The Model 290 Ticket Printer is an easy to use ticket printer that will print up to 80 columns and 2.3 lines/second and come with 5’ printer cable. We do have available in stock 100 count bundles of printer tickets that are three part carbonless, and measures 5 ½” x 7” (call factory for pricing)

BCPR-4 Label Printer

Model BCPR-4 Barcode Label Printer

The BCPR-4 Label Printer is an industrial thermal transfer barcode printer that is incredibly reliable for being a more reasonably priced unit. This printer will print a variety of sizes (see spare parts) and the printer comes with label stripper and 5’ printer cable.

1" Remote Display

Model RD200 Remote Display

The RD200 Remote Display comes to us as our 2” display that our customers use for additional readout in there industrial setting. Used indoors or out the areas of use are endless.

4” Remote Display

Model Aurora20 Remote Display

The Aurora20 Remote Display is used as our 4” display for indoor and outdoor applications that need the higher elevated readout for weigh station or bay door use.  The convenience of the remote displays is endless.